Cyclone warning from Sunday 12th February 

What you can do to prepare As New Zealand braces for more bad weather with Cyclone Gabrielle approaching we’ve provided some information below to assist you on how to prepare and what to do if your property has been damaged and you need to make a claim. Here are some tips on how to reduce… Read more »

EQC to double cover and reduce rate

From 1 October 2022 the EQC is going double the current sum insured for Natural Disaster Cover (e.g. for earthquake, tsunami, hydrothermal activity) and at the same time reduce the rate that is used to calculate their premium. A year ago Treasury predicted that this would reduce insurance costs in higher risk areas such as… Read more »

Insurance Information and Client Disclosure

Not telling your insurance company all the relevant facts can lead to them declining a claim. The big question is: What is Relevant? The following article goes a long way to describing what is important.

Landlords Best Practices

In the event of a claim, insurers will expect their investment property clients to show evidence of their due diligence. We have compiled a shortlist of some best practices. Most insurers expect their landlords to meet some basic standards of due diligence. Even if a property manager is employed to manage the situation, should the… Read more »