Cyclone warning from Sunday 12th February 

What you can do to prepare

As New Zealand braces for more bad weather with Cyclone Gabrielle approaching we’ve provided some information below to assist you on how to prepare and what to do if your property has been damaged and you need to make a claim.

Here are some tips on how to reduce the risk of damage to your property.

  • Tie down large items, like trampolines and outdoor furniture. If you can, turn trampolines upside down to minimise the risk of lifting.
  • Move smaller items indoors
  • If there’s risk of flooding or you notice water levels rising, move valuables, appliances and furniture off the floor.
  • Check your gutters and downflow pipes and remove any blockages
  • Check your drains are clear of any debris
  • Avoid using vehicles or electrical appliances that might have water damage.
  • Listen to and follow directions from Civil Defence
  • If necessary and you can do so, place sand bags to prevent water from entering your property.

What to do if you have suffered damage and need to make a claim.

If life, health or property is in danger, call 111 immediately.

  • Safety is top priority! It’s important that if your home or business has been affected only return to them if it’s safe to do so and follow instructions from Civil Defence
  • Claim lodgements can be made by calling us as follows:

Ian: 021 940 104
Tracy: 021 940 107
Geraldine: 021 940 106 
Landline: 09 360 3292

We will be available if you need us.

You can also email us at [email protected]

As you may already be aware, insurers and remediation companies are already under pressure due to the events of Auckland Anniversary weekend’s severe rain.

There are delays with Loss Adjusters and Drying/ Restoration suppliers.

If you need to arrange urgent works or repairs to make your premises safe, sanitary, secure and weathertight, first and foremost make sure it is safe to do so and:

  • Engage suitably qualified professionals to undertake mak- safe works or urgent repairs to avoid further loss,
  • Take detailed photographs of the damage before moving, repairing or disposing of anything and;
  • Keep records of any urgent works or repairs, including photographs, and copies of any invoices and receipts.

If your premises are safe and watertight:

  • Clean up where possible, only throwing away food or soft furnishings (mattresses, couch, bedding)
  • Put water damaged items/ plant/ stock outside, undercover if possible, they may be able to be repaired/ sanitized
  • If pulling up carpets remember, they may be contaminated. Wear Gloves and Masks and dispose carefully. Cut a corner to be used as a sample.
  • Ensure any rooms affected by flooding are checked by an electrician.

Local updates for Auckland are being provided at and on the Auckland Emergency Management Facebook

Local updates for the Coromandel are being provided at and

You can read further on the Civil Defence Website