Investment and Rental Property Insurance Package

For landlords with investment and rental properties

Paramount understands the needs of property investors and landlords and has created a policy to meet your insurance requirements. Anyone thinking about investment property should take a look at our landlords best practice advice. In the case of a claim, being able to provide evidence of landlord’s due diligance will help Paramount to handle your claim easily and efficiently.

Our package insures domestic dwellings for Landlords & Investors and provides the following benefits:

  • Full Accidental Loss or Damage policy with a Replacement Cover based on the declared sum insured of the dwelling;
  • $20,000 Landlords Furnishings, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, built in microwaves, drapes, curtains, blinds, and fixed light fittings are automatically covered and can be extended;
  • Legal Liability as a Landlord or Property Owner for damage to other peoples property is included;
  • Malicious Damage caused by any tenant occasioned by fire and explosion is automatically included;
  • $40,000 Loss of Rents per dwelling unit as a result of physical damage to the dwelling;
  • Gradual Damage as a result of leaking from any internal water system is covered up to $3,000 any one claim and $10,000 in any one insurance period (gradual damage is often excluded in many policies);
  • There is No Requirement for tenants to have their own insurance;
  • The Standard Excess is $500.

A separate Landlords Plan Policy can be taken out for extra premium and includes:

  • Full Malicious Damage & Theft by a tenant;
  • Loss of Rents as a Result of Absconsion or Eviction of a tenant.

If you are interested in finding out more, fast-track your rental quote with Paramount quotation system.