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Ansvar Announces Withdrawal from NZ Market

One of New Zealand's largest church and rest home insurers has announced it will stop insuring New Zealanders effective December 31st 2011.

Ansvar Insurance Limited (New Zealand) today announced that it is to cease providing cover to all New Zealanders and their businesses as of 2012.

All NZ Ansvar policies will expire on December 31st 2011 and temporary policies will be offered by their Australian counterparts until Ansvar clients make other arrangements.

Previously the bulk of Ansvar's business was in offering cover to a large number of ecclesiastical organisations. It has also covered many Rest Homes, Retirement Villages and Hospitals, as well as Hotels, Motel, and others in the hospitality industry. Back in September 2011 the Insurer announced it would no longer be covering earthquake related events after the Christchurch and Canterbury quakes.

None of Paramount Insurance's cover is currently placed with Ansvar. Any policies previously with Ansvar would have been transferred to another provider from the date of your 2010-2011 renewal.

Paramount Insurance continues to offer competitively priced insurance cover for Rest Home, Retirement Villages and Hospitals, as well as a comprehensive and personal service. We are often able to provide businesses in this industry with more comprehensive cover for even less than they currently spend on insurance.

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